• 265
    orphaned families saved from eviction and disconnected utilities
  • 1247
    widows and fatherless children impacted by the stipend program
  • 30
    newly orphaned families added to the program every year
  • Life in the Light

    Covering the basic monthly utility bills such as electricity and water is fundamentally required to turn any home into a refuge and sanctuary – however cramped and sparsely furnished it may be. Every family deserves at least as much, and a lack in these areas is akin to living a homeless life.

    So when tragedy strikes and a family´s breadwinner passes away, what happens then? When income stops cold, who is left to keep the lights on? When an orphaned family suddenly finds itself without funds to cover the basic monthly utilities, to whom do they turn for assistance? They turn to Jerusalem Open House.

    We believe that the least an orphaned family should have is a place to call home. Nobody should ever need to sleep in the cold or spend their days sitting in a dark room. With your help, the families relying on Jerusalem Open House can make it through the day with the knowledge that they will have a home to return to.

    With 1,500 shekles from our monthly utilities stipend, widows and orphans can afford to pay for heat in their gas pipes and other utility bills. Jerusalem Open House comes to their rescue by instilling a sense of security, stability and tranquility into hearts that are already riddled with bottomless grief.
    I´m not ashamed to admit that my family would´ve been on the street without your help. Thank you, Jerusalem Open House, for stepping in like Hashem´s angels and enabling us to pay for our basic utilities. When no one else looked our way, you were there for us. I´m sure my husband is thankful for you from up high.
    – Yael V.