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Answering the cry of Jerusalem's poor.

On a cold night in 1996, Rabbi Chaim Cohen ran into a friend roaming the streets of Jerusalem. The man confided in him that he hadn't eaten a warm meal in as much as three weeks. Rabbi Cohen, unsettled by the account, invited the man into his own home. He served him a warm dinner, and offered him a bed for the night.
jerusalem open house / linas hachesed is open every day all year
That was the moment of conception for what would later become the Holy City's most involved charity organization, Jerusalem Open House. As he realized that the city was teeming with the poor, starving, and undernourished, Rabbi Cohen opened his heart to their cries and became the guardian of the people.
about us

Satisfying hunger, one bowlful at a time.

His first initiative was the Linas Hachesed soup kitchen. For the needy and the poor, warm and nutritious food is critical to literal survival. This kitchen has remained Jerusalem Open House's undisputed calling card: It is open every day of the year. Early morning, midday, and evening, our kitchen staff is busy feeding the hungry in a sensitive manner.
We now serve nearly 1,000 portions daily, exercising great care in preserving the dignity of the people we serve. For those who cannot make it to our kitchen, we bring the food to them – to the tune of hundreds of Shabbos packages weekly. These deliveries contain delicious cooked meals and enough groceries to feed the families for most of the week.

Rallying the support of Jews everywhere.

Rabbi Cohen has since enlisted a growing number of compassionate do-gooders, and expanded the organization's relief programs, which include a coat distribution drive to clothe thousands of children against Jerusalem's cold, wet winters; a Pre-yom tov food delivery program; our hachnosas kallah wedding fund; and so much more. The doors at Jerusalem Open House never close.
We remain the one address for Jerusalem's poorest, most desperate souls. Everything we do is made possible by the generosity of the global Jewish community, and Rabbi Cohen never fails to rally any available support. When you partner with Jerusalem Open House, you are making a real difference in the lives of the truly poor and needy.
linas hachesed is the address for jerusalem's poorest, most desperate souls.

Perform the mitzvah of tzedakah in a magnificent, multifaceted way.

rallying the support of jews everywhere