• 1000
    chassanim and kallahs financially assisted to date
  • 10000
    shekels provided to orphans – equivalent of 3,000 USD
  • 120
    orphan weddings sponsored annually (approximately)
  • Weddings Without Worry

    For parents walking their children to the chuppah, the day is filled with joy. But when chosson and/or kallah have no father by their side, the ceremonies are wrought with painful thoughts. They are torn between celebrating their new lives and grappling with memories of their beloved father who isn´t there to witness it.

    If all that wasn´t enough, their future bliss is overshadowed by looming debt. When a young parent passes away and leaves behind children at home, the entire community joins them in mourning. But after the dust settles and people are back to old routines, the orphaned family is left to grieve and fend on its own.

    The situation becomes particularly overwhelming when the widow is preparing to marry off one of her orphaned children. For both mother and child, crushing financial burden mars all wedding joy. The chosson is, all too often, forced to go knocking on people´s doors and beg for dollar after meager dollar.

    Jerusalem Open House operates an established bridal fund to offer financial assistance to such couples. By covering the complete costs of the wedding hall, we help put joy back into poor orphans´ weddings. Simply put, we ensure that an orphan´s wedding is a new lease on life, not a path to debt and despair.
    I have no words to describe our family´s happiness on Aaron´s wedding day. We never thought we would be able to afford it without schnorring on the streets, but you´ve made it a reality for us while preserving our dignity. Bless you all with Hashem´s promise, "If you will gladden mine I will gladden yours!
    Devorah W.