• 6000
    meals served at our beautiful 1,200-square foot sukkahs
  • 1000
    shekels given to 200 families
  • 300
    food packages (including meat and wine) distributed to needy families
  • Succos

    Sukkos in Jerusalem is one of the most festive experiences anywhere. The crowded city is replete with sukkahs large and small, but did you know that some of them belong to Jerusalem Open House? You can help us provide meals in there throughout yom tov!

    Imagine those who desperately count on us for food. When they have no sukkah to eat in, they feel an even greater lack. That´s why, every year, we rent vacant lots, erect large sukkahs, and serve hundreds of fresh and delicious meals all throughout Sukkos. This helps needy families enjoy zeman simchaseinu as everyone deserves. In addition to distributing warm clothing for Israel´s children at or below cost price, Jerusalem Open House also distributes 1,000 shekels to 200 orphaned families on erev Succos, as well as over 300 food packages (including meat and wine) to numerous needy families.
    I was ashamed to approach anyone and ask my family over as guests… The thought of lowering myself to such a pathetic level was even harder to bear than the idea of going hungry for another few days. I was already halfway home from shul when the Rav´s son caught up with me an invited me to a Jerusalem Open House sukkah.