Serve Festive Purim meals to thousands of evyonim in Eretz Yisrael, and distribute Mishloach Manos packages and gifts to hundreds of poor orphans to help them rejoice on Purim day.

Can you fully grasp the suffering that widows, orphans, the ill and the destitute endure? Our unfortunate Jerusalem brethren cannot know true joy on Purim or any other day. To put a smile on their sunken faces, we give them the gift of hope and a reason to drink l´chayim by distributing sizeable matanos l´evyonim on Purim day.

Additionally, as we celebrate the yom tov with a large Purim feast, we do not forget those who have no festive table of their own. We embrace them by hosting communal Purim seudos in several locations throughout Israel. There´s no better way for you to distribute your matanos l´evyonim then by sending it in to Jerusalem Open House.

With your donation of $36 or more, Linas Hachesed will hand over your kvital with your personal request to the hand of Reb Chaim Kanievsky on the day of Purim.
The core mitzvah of Matanos L’evyonim is to provide ready food to the poor. Linas Hachesed affords Jews the opportunity to fulfill the mitzvah in its ultimate form.
Harav Wosner ZT"L