• 4000
    pounds of matzah distributed to needy families
  • 3
    meals served every day of yom tov to hundreds of guests, including seder night
  • 1000
    shekels handed out to over 200 orphaned families
  • Pesach

    More people require our help before Pesach than at any other time. Selfrespecting members of society who otherwise get by pretty fairly, often feel they are going broke before Pesach as they can´t afford the yom tov´s astronomical expenses. Jerusalem Open House distributes 4,000 pounds of matzah annually in addition to wine and all other Pesach necessities to hundreds of needy families. Costs are based on need: Some receive the matzah and food staples entirely free, while others can order them at deeply discounted, below-cost prices (55% below market price). We also distribute 1,000 shekels to 200 orphaned families on erev Pesach. We offer coupons for clothing and shoes, ensuring fathers aren´t shamed into silence by their children´s ´Why are we different?´ question. For those with nowhere to go, we host communal Pesach seders throughout Jerusalem in spirit of ´Kol dichfin yaisai v´yaichol´. Guests feel no pressure, need no reservation, and enjoy the seder in a dignified manner. Our soup kitchen is subjected to a meticulous cleaning and kashering for Pesach usage. As all local groceries and eateries are closed for the duration of yom tov, we prepare to serve 3 meals daily for a much larger crowd of diners.
    Abba taught me that on Pesach we are all free. But last year we didn´t feel free. We were hungry and alone, and had nowhere to eat the seder. This year, we were invited to a big seder with many other Jerusalem Open House families. We felt like part of a nice community, and like all the other families that are free on Pesach.
    – Gidi L.