Hachnosas Kallah Fund

When a young parent is passes away, leaving behind children at home, it is a tragedy for the entire community. Everyone feels affected and everyone joins them in mourning. It is after the dust settles, however, when people are generally back to their old routine, that the orphaned family is left to grieve on their own. And it is then that the gravity of their situation often becomes overwhelming. This is especially true when a widow is preparing for the wedding of one of her orphaned children.

The day that parents are zoche to walk their children to their chuppah; what greater joy is there in a parent’s life? It is sheer ecstasy to watch the scene, as a new couple walks away from their chuppah, their parent’s faces glowing in the sidelines? How unfortunate when such bliss is shattered by looming debt?! How much more so when it is a single parent facing the debt alone?! How sad that such cases could have been prevented had more yidden chipped in to help?!

Linas Hachesed helps put joy into poor orphans’ simcha, with a $3,000 check, to help pay for wedding necessities. we help those most in need, those of whom Hashem says “If you will gladden mine I will gladden yours”. Linas Hachesed believes a wedding should be a new start to life, not to debt.

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