Coat Giveaway

Winters in Jerusalem are cold and wet, but thousands of children don't have winter coats. They run to yeshiva wearing old sweaters - and they dash through rain showers and cold winds, unprotected from the elements.

In the past we have observed, how during the winter, many of our guests, among them some very young children, come in almost frostbitten. They unfortunately can not afford to buy proper winter wear, so they don’t wear coats.

Linas Hachesed bought eight thousand brand new, top quality children winter coats, for distribution. We thought we had bought a lot - but soon we saw that there was such a great need, we couldn't possibly give every mother enough coats for her shivering children.

So we set limits - three coats for every five children in a family. It wasn't nearly enough - but it was all we had. And though we didn't stamp out all the cold, it warms our hearts to know that we distributed $60,000 in winter coats, to Jerusalem’s Children – children who were braving winter’s cold without protection – and seriously risking their health. Eight thousand Jewish children are warm this winter, thanks to Linas Hachesed.

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