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Jerusalem Open House: Passover Assistance

Passover Assistance

Before Passover, more people need help then at any other time. Self-respecting members of our society, people who at other times get by pretty fairly, often feel they are going broke before Passover. While they may have enough to feed their families all year round, they can’t afford the astronomical Passover expenses.

Linas Hachesed distributes packages, including matzah, wine and all other Yom Tov necessities to hundreds of needy families. We include coupons for clothing and shoes, trying to make sure all young children only have 4 questions at the Seder. We try to make sure their Tatties will not be embarrassed by the “why are we different” question.

At the same time, Linas Hachesed can not neglect its own soup kitchen. To prepare for Passover, the kitchen has to go thru a major overhaul. The cleaning…, the kashering…, myriads of details have to be seen to, only then starts the actual cooking. To serve so many holiday meals is no small feat. And Linas Hachesed makes sure the atmosphere is festive, too, after all, this Festival of Liberation is meant for the needy to enjoy, also.

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