Poor, hungry Jews in Jerusalem count on Jerusalem Open House – and we count on you. Sponsor a week, day, or meal, and earn a reward for your kindness that will endure forever.

$7000 – Parnas Hashvavua. Sponsor one week at Jerusalem Open House. Host two meals a day; plus three meal on Shabbos.

$2000 – Shabbos Benfactor. Sponsor one Shabbos – three meals in the soup kitchen, plus assistance to families who get food deliveries.

$1000 – Parnas Yomi. Sponsor an entire day at Jerusalem Open House.

$800 – Shabbos Meal Host. Serve one Shabbos Meal at Jerusalem Open House.

$660 – Sponsor Dinner for all our guests.

$360 - Seudas Hoshea ben Beiri

$180 – Serve a Minyan. ten times Chai

$100 – 50 Lunch Sandwiches - for the children to take to school.


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Jews have always shared joyous occasions with their less fortunate brethren. Now you can do the same, when you sponsor a week, Shabbos, day, or meal at Jerusalem open house. It is great way to thank the Almighty for his kindness – and to bring blessing upon yourself and your loved ones.

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If you prefer, you may print this form to make a donation by fax or by mail. You may also call our office with your donation.

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If you wish to get involved with Jerusalem Open House by offering your service, please contact our office.